The Office of Community Engagement houses the Service Learning & Volunteer programs and works to create opportunities for students and faculty to get involved in the surrounding community through meaningful service. It also works as a resource center and clearinghouse for volunteer information.  Each year Gardner-Webb students, faculty, and staff volunteer their time and talents to the surrounding community through various campus-wide volunteer programs.

Mission and Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The synergistic relationship between Gardner-Webb University and it's larger communities (campus, local, regional, national, and global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, skills, and resources in a context of partnerships and reciprocity, fostering dialogue and collaborative action in support of human welfare and environmental stewardship for God and humanity.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will become more engaged citizens.
  2. Students will learn the value of working collaboratively towards shared goals.
  3. Students will gain understanding of the differences between individuals and cultures.
  4. Students will grow personally, intellectually, and spiritually through synergistic relationships with various communities.

Community Partners

CCS HFH Hospice
Mission Work Camps potato project united way